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Get involved in saving the crucian carp!  

Do you know any other places where the crucian carp can be found? Or do you only encounter gibel carp nowadays, so repatriation of the crucian carp is not worthwhile in your area? Register and fill in our questionnaire with the current records of our native crucian carp and the invasive gibel carp. 

Upload photos of locations and caught specimens or apply with interest in breeding in your pond. Every tip is important to us. Every vote counts! 

Add occurrence data

Please include a photo of the location and the fish to ensure that it is indeed the crucian carp.

Simple instructions on how to photograph fish:

Any type of camera can be used for documentation, including a mobile phone.

For the actual photo shoot, we recommend following a few basic rules:

  • We photograph as much as possible perpendicular to the fish lying on its side, so that the head and tail of the fish are at the same distance from the camera lens.
  • When photographing a fish in the hand, we try to hold the fish so that we do not obscure important identifying features (especially the fins).
  • To try straighten the fins so that the hand interferes as little as possible with the photograph.
Demonstration of photographing fish in hand (left) and on a mat (right). Top row the crucian carp, bottom row gibel carp.

I want to breed the crucian carp

Would you like to get involved in saving the crucian carp with your own pond? Contact us!

About the crucian carp

About the life of the crucian carp

Dive with us into the world of the crucian carp, a fish full of mystery and amazing adaptations. Discover its food preferences, secret hiding places and everything about its life and ecology. Find out how important it is to our aquatic ecosystems and why it is so......

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Causes of the threat

There are basically three causes for the decline of the crucian carp: straightening of rivers to compensate for annual fluctuations in their flows, intensification of management in riverside ponds and invasive fish species....

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Recognising species of Carassius can often be a challenging task, especially if they resemble or live in the same aquatic environments. The crucian carp (Carassius carassius) has distinctive features that set it apart from other fish species....

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